Alex PP


You must be new here! My name is Alex- the founder & CEO of Weerent.ca. This is where you will find more about me and my business. The truth is we both don’t want to know about me. You are here to see if this website is legit and to be honest, I don’t blame you.

There are a hundred- thousand ways to make money online but weerent.ca provides you with a platform that is safe and secure and a great way to monetize things by renting them.

Weerent.ca doesn’t believe in working too hard; You can rent anything and everything (from electronics to your grad dress/suit from last year) There really is no limit. REALLY!

The only thing we both have common is the fact- that we don’t know what we are going to rent next. There’s limitless possibility of renting things you don’t use often and making easy cash- and only a FOOL would miss out on it.

Here are things you can rent:

·       Not your Vehicle
·       Not your life
·       Not your stress or feelings for that matter. LOL
·       Not your________ (Whatever is not practical)